After an Employee Gives Notice or is Fired

The job of seeing employees out the door doesn’t end with the goodbyes. There are a host of tasks that need to be taken care of before employees leave your company, many of which are very detail-oriented. Even when it’s a positive separation, it’s prudent to change the locks and notify the alarm company, for example.

Here is a checklist of the items that should be attended to, compiled with the help of Cynthia Kazalia, an employment specialist with New Directions Career Center out of Ohio, and California-based attorney Elizabeth Cohee.

Network access and passwords.

If an employee is being fired or leaves unannounced, terminate computer network access and website memberships immediately. Also, secure computer passwords, and change any commonly used passwords. Do this immediately if there is a sudden departure to avoid theft of proprietary information.


Deactivate the password on the security system and notify the alarm company that there has been a personnel change. In larger organizations, you’ll need to notify your security division of the departure.

Expense report.

Make sure you receive and review their final expense report to ensure that it has been properly filled out. Send it through the normal process for approval.

Keys and locks.

Even if it’s a positive separation, obtain keys to the building and just for good measure, change the locks.


Don’t forget to get back the company gas card and credit cards, if you distributed any.

Financial records.

You’ll want to make sure you remove the employee’s name from any financial records, such as bank accounts. And don’t forget to change the authorized signature on checks. Also, you’ll want to reconcile petty cash if there is any.


If the employee represented you through networking, make sure that you change the representative name on any company-held memberships with professional associations.

Cars and technology.

Secure any company-owned or leased cars. And don’t forget about to collect any equipment, such as mobile phones and laptops.

ID badge.

Be sure to secure any company identification badges or any access cards.

Internal keys.

Get the keys to individual offices, cabinets and any other internal keys.


Update your staff directory by removing the employee’s information.

The last paycheck.

Comply with your state on when the last paycheck must be issued. For example, in California, if the employee doesn’t give notice, he or she has to be paid within 72 hours of leaving. Also, based on your company policy, the check should include any unused vacation, annual leave and sick leave.

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