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HR that Makes a Difference

Insperity’s national television and radio campaigns highlight the true inspiring business performances of several Insperity clients. Watch and listen to find out how Insperity’s Business Performance Advisors are helping clients turn their dreams into a reality. Also, you will find the radio spots on several nationally syndicated and local talk and sports radio channels.

Stories of Perseverance

This video features stories from our clients of how Insperity’s relentless perseverance to provide guidance and support helped them be resilient amid the economic crisis.

“Rising Above” radio commercial

The “Rising Above” radio advertisement focuses on the impact that the health and economic crisis of 2020 has had on businesses across the country and Insperity’s role in helping to guide them through the chaos and, ultimately, rise above.

“A Better Tomorrow Together” video commercial

The “A Better Tomorrow Together” video looks at how Insperity is helping businesses recover and rebuild amid the 2020 health and economic crisis – working for a better tomorrow, together.

“People Aren’t Numbers” TV commercial

At Insperity, we believe that employees are key to business success. Our full-service HR solutions can help you refocus on what truly matters: Your people.

“HR That Makes A Difference” TV commercial

With Insperity, you don’t have to go it alone. Our human resources solutions and intuitive HR software help drive your business where you want it to be.

“Follow through” TV commercial

As a current golf champion, Jimmy Walker understands how peak performance enables success. The key to successful execution is proper follow through. At Insperity, we help small and mid-sized businesses become more successful by giving them the tools they need to improve their performance.

We are ready

Health care reform is here. For most business owners, it will be complicated to understand, difficult to comply with and costly to implement. You could spend the time and money to figure it out, or you can trust Insperity to handle health care reform for you.

“We are ready” TV commercial

From April 22 to May 12, Insperity’s “We Are Ready” TV commercial, featuring Paul Sarvadi discussing health care reform, will air multiple times per day on national stations, including NBC, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg News, Fox News, Fox Business, The Golf Channel and more.

“We are ready” radio commercial

“We are ready” radio advertisement, featuring Jim Nantz, is airing nationally through May 12 in 24 cities and markets with Insperity locations. The commercial focuses on the impact health care reform has on business owners and how Insperity can help. Listen to your local AM sports stations, talk radio channels, or click the link below:

Inspiring Business Performance™

Insperity’s 2013 national television and radio campaigns highlight the power of Insperity Workforce Optimization, our premier HR outsourcing service, and the value of Insperity’s business performance solutions. Watch and listen to find out how Insperity can help businesses run better, grow faster and make more money. The TV commercials are currently airing on networks such as NBC, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg News, Fox News, Fox Business and The Golf Channel. The radio commercials are featured on several nationally-syndicated local talk and sports radio channels.

Radio: Insperity HR and business performance solutions

Television: Insperity workforce optimization

Television: Insperity business performance solutions

Television: Recruiting

Television: Retirement

Radio: Ahead of the competition :30

An Insperity Business Performance Advisor can help you establish certainty for your business in uncertain economic climates.

Radio: Ahead of the competition :60

What aspiration did you have on opening day of your business? With Insperity, you can get back to what you do best even in today’s uncertain market.

Television: “Map to inspiration”

Our television ads highlight superior clients and their inspiring stories. Insperity commercial, “Map to Insperity,” showcases the vision of California-based Insperity client AeroComputers to use GPS technology to help fire fighters locate and extinguish fires faster, saving property, money and – most importantly – lives.

Television: “A promising future”

“A Promising Future,” highlights the vision of Kidsave, a non-profit client, to create an organization dedicated to finding safe, loving homes for children.

Radio: Business performance advisors

If you’re a business owner, you can trust Insperity’s Business Performance Advisors to stand shoulder to shoulder with you to help your company prosper.

Radio: Workforce Optimization

Are you ready for your company to run better, grow faster and make more money? Discover the Insperity™ Workforce Optimization solution.

Radio: Insperity business solutions

Insperity provides the right combination of services and software to take your business to the next level. Unleash your business potential today.

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