The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

Our competition makes a lot of promises – better prices and better technology with the same level of service. Some of our clients have ventured out to see if that’s all true. After finding themselves suddenly responsible for handling a lot of their HR tasks and responsibilities on their own, those same clients decided to return to Insperity. And we’re so happy they did.

Learn about their experiences – and why they chose to partner with us again, over anyone else.

The Insperity difference: The value our clients discovered

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Why they left

Aimed to cut costs

Downsized team size

Lured by competitor’s
“better prices”

Shifted to in-house HR

Why they came back

Discovered the value of a PEO

Needed HR guidance

Wanted staff development tools

Sought better benefits

Why us vs. other PEOs

HR mastery

Optimal blend of service and technology

Unmatched level of care

HR-related compliance

Trust in a dedicated HR team

Intangible benefits > cost

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HR solutions that match your unique needs

Tried a different HR-tech platform

Carnegie Technologies left Insperity for a different HR-tech platform. But, after downsizing, many of their former employees were left in COBRA limbo. That led them to return to Insperity to help their employees’ transition and ensure that their people were still covered.

“People are going to be enrolled on time. People are going to be paid … and I think it’s peace of mind; that’s the value add for me.”

Christia Churchill
Head of HR
Carnegie Technologies

The value in benefits you can’t see on paper

Tried In-House HR

After realizing an HR team of one didn’t work for him or his business, President and CEO Allen Maxwell went back to a trusted source – his Insperity team.

“As a CEO, I’m not spending my time worrying about workers’ comp issues, because if I’m worrying about that, that means I’m taking away from something else. So, it gives you the opportunity … to do things that are productive to the company as a whole.”

Allen Maxwell
President and CEO
Omni2Max Inc.

An immeasurable level of care and support in hard times

Tried a Smaller PEO

For PracticeLink, it all came down to our service. PracticeLink left us for a smaller PEO but ultimately came back for our level of care. For instance, when they lost a team member in a tragic car accident, Insperity stepped in to provide grief support and group counseling to help the entire team start the healing process.

“I felt like I had a support team that wasn’t just a vendor or a payroll service for us. They were a part of my team.”

Megan Harvey
Vice President of HR

More reasons to choose Insperity

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