Breast Actives vs. Total Curve – which is better

Breast Actives vs. Total Curve – which is better

Breast Actives vs. Total Curve – which is better?

Breast Actives vs. Total Curve – which is better?For quite some time, the only way in which you could enlarge your breasts was by going to the surgeon and undergoing cosmetic surgery in order to give you the breasts you always wished for. And while there is definite increase in breast size associated with breast enhancement surgery, this is not a perfect solution in any regard. First of all, there is the potential danger of going under the knife, the high price of such procedures and the ”fakeness” of the breasts you get with surgery.

Fortunately, there are now also many different options if you wish to enlarge your breasts the natural way and two of them have separated themselves from the others due to their characteristics. These two are Breast Actives and Total Curve, two natural products that have been competing for the title of the #1 solution for increasing the size of breasts.


In many respects, these two products are quite similar. First of all, they are both programs and not just a single product. They both include supplements that you ingest daily, creams that are applied to the breasts directly and exercise regimens that should be adhered to for the best results. However, there are also certain differences between these two products and we will give you the facts, letting you decide on your own on which of these two is the better one.

First of all, they differ in the ingredients that they employ. There are some ingredients that both Breast Actives and Total Curve include, but there are also many ingredients that are different and that one product includes and the other one does not. This may result in certain differences in the efficacy and we will tell you about the differences later in this article.

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The biggest difference between these two is that Total Curve includes Volufiline while Breast Actives does not. Volufiline is a relatively newBreast Actives vs. Total Curve – which is better? ingredient that is being included in different breast enhancement products and that is getting a lot of press.

However, this ingredient hasn’t been tested sufficiently yet and that is the reason why it has not yet been included in Breast Actives formula. Once it has been proven effective and moreover safe, it will definitely be included.

And despite this ingredient being present only in Total Curve, the studies have shown surprising results. Namely, in an independent study that has been conducted recently, Breast Actives has been named the better product by more than a thousand users. While the average grade on the scale from 1 to 5 for Breast Actives was 4.9, Total Curve got the grade 4.5.

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