Im now proud of my body

I’m now proud of my body

I’m now proud of my body

Im now proud of my bodyIf you had asked me how I felt about my body two years ago, I would have probably said that I was ok with it, but that I didn’t thought it was anything special. I didn’t think that I had a hot body, but there wasn’t anything in particular that I wanted to change.

I was satisfied with my weight, I had decent legs and my breasts, although there were small, had a nice shape and they were perky. Besides, my husband told me on numerous occasions that he was more of an ass man and that big breasts were not something that he cared about so much.

My sister, who I don’t see that often because I live in San Diego and she lives in Philadelphia, had always wanted bigger breasts. We wore the same cup size, but she always wanted playboy like breasts that you get to see more and more each day. It seems as if women have really gone wild with this issue.

If you don’t have big breasts, people assume that you either don’t care about how you look or that you don’t have enough money for breast augmentation surgery. No one thinks about how some women are perfectly happy with the size of their breasts, which I was.


However, when my sister came to visit, I immediately noticed a change in her behavior. She was much more outgoing, relaxed and she was definitely more confident. And as soon as I took a look at her cleavage, I was able to understand why. Her breasts were at least two cup sizes bigger and they looked just perfect.

When I asked her to tell me everything about the surgery and why she hadn’t informed about it, she said that there was nothing to tell because there was no surgery. She had been using Breast Actives and thanks to this product, she got a new look that she adored.

Im now proud of my bodyAfter seeing just how much this change in her appearance made her happier and I guess that, out of curiosity, I decided to try Breast Actives myself. After two months, my breasts were even perkier, firmer and they were definitely bigger.

I really didn’t think that this kind of change will have any kind of effect on me, but it did. I feel sexier and I am proud of my body. Even my husband, who claimed not to care about big breasts, was excited about the whole thing.

It is definitely strange to suddenly have a whole new figure and it takes some time getting used to it. But as I have learned, one gets used to this very quickly, especially of the new figure is superior to the old one. And with Breast Actives, my figure definitely changed for the better. And the best thing is that I achieved this completely naturally without having to do anything drastic.

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